Welcome to my website, thanks for taking the time to come and visit and look through the various galleries, hopefully they have touched and inspired your spirit in some way, sharing in the magic of the wonderful moments I have been blessed to see, experience and photograph! Photography has been a passion for over twenty years now, I was actually given my first mini Canon as a christmas gift at  7, it always seemed like a lot of fun back then, and I am happy to say this is still very true today.

This body of work within this website showcases part of my professional portfolio, many of the images are examples of photos I have taken whilst on commissions on behalf of my various clients, as well as some photos being from my independent projects. There is a big focus on the travel and music photos as these are two of the main areas I have specialised in for 17 years, as I have a great love and passion for both travel and music, it’s great to be able to share and show some of the extraordinary and beautiful places, as well as amazing artists and musicians I have had the good fortune to work with. I also enjoy being fortunate to work alongside some fantastic clients and artists, ranging from within the fields of travel, music, design and more.. These wonderful clients include the Rough Guides travel books, The Geographical magazine, Universal Music, Island Records, The Roundhouse, Metropolis, Es Lighting Design, My Hotel, Yahoo, John Lewis, Gap, Vinopolis, Crown Group to name a few.

The feel good series is part of a series which started as ‘ Images To Make You Feel Good ‘ back in 1995, since then it has evolved into ‘ Feel Good Images ‘ and is a body of my personal photography, focusing on highlighting some of the beautiful aspects of life upon our magnificent and wondrous planet! With these images I play around with colour, integrating colour therapies ideas, often emphasising a tone or hue to encourage and inspire a positive mood and feeling which will hopefully touch and inspire the spirit, heart and soul. These images are all available as fine art prints on photographic paper and canvases, they can be purchased online or via my Brighton gallery on the Brighton seafront. For more details please email Chris@feelgoodimages.com  .

New online shop and website coming soon! Summer 2017*

For more information regarding my photographic services, please feel free to send me an email directly or via the contact page 

Best Feel Good Wishes,