Bedouin Aqua Girl - The Red Sea - Egypt Canvas

Bedouin Aqua Girl - The Red Sea - Egypt - Such a sweet and magical moment in time.. I was so blessed to be living my dream, and on my first big freelance travel photography assignment. Taking photos for the Geographical Magazine. I had been wishing to meet this extraordinary and very special unique Dolphin, called Oleen, which many of the local Bedouins called Uleen. She was one of those rare Dolphins, that had at some point in time decided to spend the majority of her time interacting with humans, living close by to the shore of a small fishing village along the coast of the Red Sea. Something that was unique to this village, is that on average one in nine of the villagers were deaf as well as mute. Uleen had bonded closely with one of the deaf local Fisherman and had developed a special relationship with him, as well as some of the other fisherman, and particularly loved  to interact with the local children. I had been blessed to be living on the water's edge, several feet away, for a few weeks, and decided to go out very early one morning to go and see if I could swim with Uleen, and say my farewells, as I was getting ready to leave the village in the coming day's. As I swam out, and got out to a hundred feet or so from shore, with my head face down on the water, I suddenly had a very strange feeling that I wasn't along in the water, and I also sensed and felt that it wasn't Uleen that was nearby to me. As I turned around to see if there was something behind me, I almost jumped and leaped out of the water like a flying fish in surprise, as I realised a young local Bedouin girl had followed me into the water, and was right behind me.. She grinned and beam shined this cheeky knowing aquatic smile, and thus the picture was there in creation! A wonderful Aqua interaction, with the timing of the picture presenting itself in a genius synchronistic way.. Great Vibes!!

Printed on A high quality fine art canvas using a giclée fine art printing process. 

Hand finished and Quality assured with archival colours. 
Creating a fantastical feel good canvas.

Framed with Professional artist stretcher bars.

The canvas material we use is a finely textured artist grade cotton canvas which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.

Delivered ready to enjoy in you're home, work space, or healing space, for optimum feel good vibes.

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