Oleen Joy Fine - Art Print

Beloved Beautiful Oleen - One of the loveliest beings I have had the gift blessing to meet, connect and enjoy some sweet blessed joyous time with, for which I am eternally grateful! Such a bright shining soul shine being. Having been blessed to have shared many experiences with Dolphins, I like to think of these incredible beings as the Angels of the sea, Who come with a higher intelligence and wisdom... they always seem to remind me of the gift and joy of play! Bless these dear one's. 
This was such a sweet and magical moment in time, in the beautiful Red Sea, around the shores of the old village of Nuwaiba, in Egypt.

I was so blessed to be living my dream, on my first big freelance photographic travel assignment. Taking photos for the Geographical Magazine. I had been wishing to meet this extraordinary and very special unique Dolphin, called Oleen, which many of the local Bedouins called Uleen. She was one of those rare Dolphins, that had at some point in time decided to spend the majority of her time interacting with humans, and living nearby to the shore of a small fishing village along the coast of the Red Sea. Something that was unique to this village, is that on average, one in nine of the villagers were deaf as well as mute. Uleen had bonded closely with one of the local Fisherman who was also deaf and mute, and had developed a special relationship with him, as well as some of the other fisherman, and particularly loved to interact with the local children. I had been blessed to be living on the water's edge, several feet away, for a few weeks, being able to swim with Oleen on a daily basis, was one of the most profound and beautiful experiences of my life. Her being would just radiate a sense of peace and playfulness at the same time, and it was as if her aura was just beam shining good loving vibes.. looking at the images of Oleen, you can just feel the grace and serenity which she radiates.. feel the loving joy bliss of this special dolphin angel of the sea.

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This Photo Art Print is printed on a bright-white lustre photo art paper, (170gsm)* . A great quality lustre photo paper with a high white satin finish and smooth microporous coating for accurate photo reproduction. 
Creating a fantastical feel good image.. enjoy! 

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  • Contains no plastic

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