Rainbow Magic - Flying To Venezuela Photo Art Print

Rainbow Magic is a feel good favourite! It is especially special to me, as it was the very first Feel Good Image which I took during the very beginning of a six month travel adventure, which was all about getting out into the world to focus on my photography, and to start creating Images To Make You Feel Good. As well as to explore my love and passion for travel, and to work towards getting myself super healthy, as I had just spent almost 3 years recovering from a very serious car accident, and felt super lucky to be alive. It was during my recovery time in hospital that I started to work with colour therapy, and had the vision and birthed the concept of integrating colour therapy ideas with photography, to create Images To Make You Feel Good, with the hope and intention that these images would positively effect and enhance peoples lives and living and work spaces. ( You can read more about this in the About Us, Vision & Story section 
This wonderful image, which I love having on a big canvas in my home, really is special, and beam shines the whole spirit, ethos and vibrancy of what Feel Good Images is about. The fact the I took it during the very first flight, which was the beginning of this Feel Good journey and adventure, after 2.5 years of healing and recovery to get fit and healthy enough to be able to go travelling with my camera, and that I was on a mission to create feel good images focused on beauty, vibrancy and colour.. was just like a miracle to me.. I really felt like my Angels, Guides, Ancestors, and the Universe was cheering me on, and saying.. go for it! This image was taken on 35mm Fuji Slide film, which nearly all of my colour photography was taken on, pre the digital age. 
Here is to beautiful magical, colour joyous, rainbow fantastic, wonderful moments.. this and Living Our Dreams.. I truly Hope You Enjoy The Feel Good Magic! 

All our prints are carefully profiled for fantastically accurate and consistent reproductions using giclée printing techniques.

This Photo Art Print is printed on a bright-white lustre photo art paper, (170gsm)* .  A great quality lustre photo paper with a high white satin finish and smooth microporous coating for accurate photo reproduction. Creating a fantastical feel good image.. enjoy! 

We're also really proud of our eco credentials:

  • FSC approved / sustainably sourced paper

  • Printed using water based inks

  • Local fulfillment reduces carbon emissions

  • Contains no plastic

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