Seal Snuggles - California - Canvas

Seal Snuggles - It was such a joy to watch and see these incredible seals huddle and snuggle together off the shore of Santa Cruz. It's one of my favourite things about the California coastline, how I would so often come across these beautiful natural wonders. Seeing these seals gather together like this, just made my heart smile from within, as you could see the strong connection they shared in their unity, as they floated around happily in the pacific ocean, awaiting their next adventure..

Printed on A high quality fine art canvas using a giclée fine art printing process. 

hand finished and Quality assured with archival colours. 
Creating a fantastical feel good canvas.

Framed with Professional artist stretcher bars.

The canvas material we use is a finely textured artist grade cotton canvas which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.

Delivered ready to enjoy in you're home, work space, or healing space, for optimum feel good vibes.

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