The Blue Hole - The Red Sea - Egypt Framed Print

The Blue Hole - A Real Life Giant Aquarium In The Red Sea - It Had ben a dream of mine to visit, and snorkel within this beautiful natural wonder! When I first put my head into the water, I was so amazed to realise that I was actually in what felt like a real life, giant and natural aquarium. Isn't nature just spectacular, and what a gift and blessing it is for us to have such a beautiful and wondrous planet to called Earth. Free Diving Whilst Snorkelling, I felt like I was in a dream.. the fish swimming by in their ultra vivid and vibrant colours, and the aqua blue so deep, clear and rich, I couldn't help but smile from within, as I marvelled at this magnificent place. The Read Sea truly is wonderfull beautiful! I hope you enjoy and feel the vibrancy and frequency of this majestic aquatic real life dream.. Enjoy!!

Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. Creating a simple and elegant design which compliments this inspiring feel good image.

Printed on Premium fine art paper with a gently textured surface.

Handmade by specialist picture framers.

Delivered ready for hanging, to enjoy in you're home or work space for optimum feel good vibes...

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