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Welcome To The New Online Feel Good Gallery! Hurray! We are Back Online & Now Have A New Digital Space To Once again Showcase My Beautiful Feel Good Images . I Hope you enjoy all the beam shining good vibes!

Feel Good Images is an amazing series collection of my photography which started as a photographic series called ' Images To Make You Feel Good ' back in 1995.

The essence and ethos of Feel Good Images is to inspire good vibrations, and positive energy, whilst highlighting the natural beauty, magic and magnificence of our beautiful planet.

Keep scrolling to read more about the vision ethos, and intention of these images, and how I integrate colour therapy ideas and to learn more about the inspiration of Feel Good Images.

Much Love, Light, Joy, and Good Vibrations, Chris

All images © by Chris Christoforou.

What started with the intention to begin creating Images To Make You Feel Good, back in 1995, has now been evolving for 25 years, between my professional and commercial freelance career, in which I have been blessed to be specialising in the wonderful worlds of Travel & Music photography.

It feels amazing to once again be able to showcase my photography with this new online gallery Platform for customers to be able to enjoy and purchase worldwide. 

It truly is a dream come true, to now have a fully integrated system in which we can now produce and distribute these beautiful photographic art creations, with our printing partners worldwide, Which also creates a great positive effect on reducing carbon emissions through having local fulfilment for production and shipping, and all according and in alignment with the highest quality standard in which we have always kept as our ethos for 25 years.



For Fans of my work, and all of the incredible customers over the years, from all over the world, I am eternally grateful! Thank You for being part of this extraordinary journey, and for all your wonderful kind words of appreciation of my photography.

It is such a joy knowing the feel good images are helping to positively uplift your lives and elevate the energy of your homes, offices, healing spaces, and wonderful public venues, and spaces.

It's been a joy selling my Feel Good Images to so many of you, from back in 1998 - 2001 , at the West Pier Art & Crafts Market, In Brighton. To Greenwich Market, London, As Part Of The Arts Collective, 2003 - 2006 and then at The wonderful Feel Good Gallery, on Brighton Beach, in The Artists Quarter 2008 - 2017 .  

As well as being featured in some wonderful exhibitions, some of which started as a month exhibition for the annual Brighton Festival, which turned into a 5 year residency as the customers and staff of Borders Bookshop loved the Feel Good Images and good vibes so much!


In essence Feel Good Images is a creative flow of energy , of light and colour reflecting the beauty of life. Inspired by Creation itself, the life force which gives the gift and blessing of life to us all, all creatures great and small.

These images are a fusion of being a documentation of aspects of our planet Earth, and it's inhabitant's, as well as a way for me to express and acknowledge the beauty and essence of this miraculous Creation of Life! 

Part of the focus on the dolphins, and nature's wonders, is in giving thanks for their grace, love, light, energy and healing in which they so often joyously share.

Yoga, Chi-Kung, Dolphins, Music and Beautiful Kindred Spirits have all been key factors which I feel have helped open magical doors and pathway's for me, allowing me to be at the right places, at the right time, and guiding me to holding the vision of a beautiful dream, and inspiring me to keep following that vision to make it a reality with the blessing of God , Love , Creation...

Which often feels like dancing to the most beautiful dance to the magical blessed song of the Universe, something I love to call, " Flowing With The Divine Genius Of The Universe " or " Dancing With The Divine " .

( There is a book I would love to write about this and the art of dreaming and following your heart joy to manifest and live your dreams 😊 )

It truly is my hope and intention that these images positively touch you in some way, whether it be by the bringing a smile to your face, or making your heart feel the loving grace of the dolphin, or the incredible energy of a spectacular sunset, or the magnificence of a surfer riding a sweet magical joyous wave...

I truly hope you enjoy the feel good vibes shining your way's. 

with Love, Light, Joy, and Good Good Vibrations.. Chris 

© by Chris Christoforou. www.feelgoodimages.com   ..inspiring you to love your life.. and live your dreams..

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